As a physical therapist, Dana is able to evaluate and treat all orthopedic problems appropriate for rehab. Specialist training in pelvic health lends a more holistic perspective to the typical physical therapy complaints. Sprained ankles or knees, injured shoulders, and chronically sore backs don’t exist in a world all their own, and may respond better when considered in relation to the whole person.

Conditions treated include but are not limited to:

  • Sport or overuse injuries of the
    • hips
    • pelvis
    • shoulders
    • elbows
    • ribs
    • knees
    • ankles & feet
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Rehabilitation after surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see a physical therapist for an orthopedic condition?
Whenever it makes sense for you. Since a physician’s referral is not required to be evaluated by a physical therapist in the state of New York, PT could be your first stop in trying to figure out a new ache or pain. On the other end of the spectrum, PT might be your last stop, helping to get you back to being YOU after a surgery.

Is it possible that my hip or low back pain is associated with my pelvic floor function?
YES. Studies have demonstrated that both of these conditions can be associated with urinary incontinence. We also have evidence that supports associations between low back or hip pain and knee function, as well as low back or hip pain and foot mechanics. There have even been studies examining the effect of ankle position on pelvic floor function.