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Physical Therapy

Conservative treatment options for complicated problems.

Physical therapy evaluation and treatment can address a variety of pelvic health and musculoskeletal conditions. Dana’s practice incorporates her experience as a yoga instructor and passion for improving her patients’ functional mobility and movement habits in order to support holistic and long-term health goals.

Conditions Treated
Rates & Packages


One-time conversations either in-person, or over phone or video chat. Consultations may be used as a discovery tool to see if physical therapy is right for you, or an opportunity for individualized education with no commitment to a plan of care.

New Mom Consultation (60 minutes)
Pregnancy and childbirth are no small feat for a body, and the fourth trimester of healing while simultaneously focusing on a newborn doesn’t give a new mom much of a chance to tune in to their own body. Even if things seem to be working Well Enough, consider taking the time to check in with where your body is and what its particular needs might be in this phase of life.

General Consultation (30 minutes)
If you are not sure that physical therapy is the right choice for you, this low-commitment conversation will give you a sense of what a course of care might look like, and hopefully give you some helpful tips to be more effectively proactive in your care.

Preparing for Birth

An individualized session with a trained doula and pelvic floor physical therapist to work through your labor and birth plan and preferences. Address your fears or concerns and learn how you (and your partner) can best support the experience that you are hoping for.

Preparing for Birth Session (60 minutes)
There is a wealth of resources available for pregnant people on how to manage a pregnant body and how to prepare for birth. This conversation gives you the chance to talk through any questions you may have about fitness during pregnancy and preparing your pelvic floor for birth.


Moon Cycle Flow Yoga
at Pinnacle Yoga and Retreat Center, Keeseville NY
August 9 (full moon) at 5:30p

August 28 (new moon) at 4:30p

Join me for a yoga practice turned into ritual in moon cycle inspired classes. Breath work and movements will tap into the cyclical influence of the moon on our lives, honoring alternating moments for rest, intention setting, action, and reflection.

These classes will be vinyasa flow style, where both traditional and alternative poses and movements are incorporated to create a well-rounded experience for our bodies, and compliment the movements of our daily lives. Safety and the use of intuition are encouraged throughout your physical practice, but technical asana performance will be secondary to intention in our flow.

Visit www.pinnacle-experience.com